Dr Saunderson treats all dermatology conditions.

She is not a cosmetic dermatologist, and therefore does not do filler injections, or cosmetic lasers. She works with outstanding cosmetic dermatologists and can make a recommendation on request.

If you have an urgent condition, Dr Saunderson has a rapid access service.

note: This is not an exhaustive list.





Female Genital Dermatology

◦ Skin checks
◦ Management of sun spots
◦ Skin cancer management
◦ Skin infections and warts
◦ Paediatric dermatology

◦ Vitiligo
◦ Hair loss
◦ Autoimmune skin conditions
◦ Melasma
◦ Rashes (all types)


◦ Biopsies of skin lesions or rashes

◦ Curettage and cautery of lesions

◦ Electrocautery

◦ Skin cancer surgery

– melanomas, Basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, other skin cancer

◦ Removal of bothersome skin lesions

– e.g. skin tags, treatment of seborrheic keratoses

◦ Removal of skin tags and/or cysts

◦ Cryosurgery

◦ Photodynamic therapy

◦ Narrowband UV treatment

◦ Xanthelasma

◦ Hyperhidrosis (Botulinum toxin injections for underarms)

◦ Scar management

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